Friday, April 11, 2003

Let us have a moment of silence for my top 10 list of The Best Ideas Ever:

1. Birth control
2. Free Mobile-to-Mobile on Edge Wireless Calling Plan
3. Personal hygiene
4. Appliances
5. The flightless bird
6. Clothes
7. Transportation
8. Wonder Woman
9. The Kazoo
10. Vaccinations

No really. Take a moment. Inhale. Exhale.

Now, on to something that was not such a great idea: Daylight Saving Time.

I hate Daylight Saving Time, almost as much I hate Darth Vader.

I used to think that Benjamin Franklin invented both the light bulb and Daylight Saving Time. But I was wrong. Then I thought that Benjamin Franklin invented the light bulb and Einstein invented Daylight Saving Time. Still wrong. So don't quote me. Now I think that Benjamin Franklin invented Daylight Saving Time, although they didn't put it into practice until until well after the light bulb was invented.

Not only was the light bulb invented by some other guy (Edison), it just doesn't make sense that the same guy would invent the light bulb, and then proceed to lobby the government to implement Daylight Saving Time. He would know better than to invent the light bulb and THEN set about finding a way to stop us from using it. That's what competitors and anti-trust lawsuits are for.

So when one of Edison's competitors started inventing things, I bet he thought, "Nothing I invent will ever hold a candle to the light bulb." That's when he set his evil plan in motion. Because "If you can't beat them, at least you can sabotage them."


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