Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Organizational "Bright Spots"

We all know that ADDers aren't known for being tidy, overall. Of course, there are the "overfocused" ADDers whose environments look neat and tidy. But open a closet door and you'll discover the chaos that lurks within.

Ginger and I were talking about how, even in the most chaotic home, you'll always find some place where there is organization. For instance, her makeup is always organized. For me, it's my purse. I used to clean my purse by dumping all of the contents out onto the floor, every 6 months or so. Then I would sort and pick up the stuff, and then I would have to vacuum because of all the little bits of lint and etc.

But now, I just constantly take trash out of my purse. Instead of stuff accumulating, it stays clean. Instead of having small items floating around in there, I have a small zipper pouch that holds those items so they don't cause chaos by just being in there.

So those are our "bright spots"... what are yours? Feel free to share by posting a comment!


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