Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Writing Project and Finding Change

Happy to report that I've been able to sleep, and therefore able to think, write and etc. I've been working on several web pages with Ginger, page that we're thinking about adding to our site. They are interconnected so that if/when we post them, they'll have to be published together. But, we are writing so much that we are thinking about the possibility of turning it into a booklet or e-booklet. So we'll see what happens with it. For now, we just keep writing.

I found an interesting blog written by a guy who goes around finding change, tells the story of how he found each coin, and keeps a running tally since Jan 19, 1998. You might think it's boring, but for some reason I find it fascinating. Maybe it's just because there is actually a guy out there who not only thought of doing this, but that he's able to keep up with the blog. He writes every day! http://changequest.blogspot.com/


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