Sunday, September 16, 2007

No one will ever know how many ADD marriages have broken up over housework that didn't get done. One of my married clients had a full time job, and a child who had ADD, ODD, and more. She was too overwhelmed to do more than the basic household chores. She felt she was always behind on everything.

After she got a housekeeper (a mere $54 a week), she blossomed. It was just enough weight being taken off her shoulders - it enabled her to do the things that were further down on her to-do list. With the basic chores being done every week, she was finally able to do the things around the house that she'd always meant to do (painting the downstairs, etc). She was even able to take more time for herself. The whole family was happier, too.

That's why I'm recommending this book:

A Housekeeper Is Cheaper Than a Divorce: Why You Can Afford to Hire Help and How to Get It, by Kathy Fitzgerald Sherman.

Love the title! It's something to think about. And if you've always wanted to have a housekeeper but didn't know how to find a good one, this book will be helpful.


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