Sunday, January 30, 2011

External Structures for AD/HD

I just read an excellent article about willpower here: Click to see the Psychology Today article.

The concept described in this article is basically the same thing that AD/HD coaches use with their clients - that of creating an external environment which will support the client.

So many people with AD/HD think of themselves as lazy, but usually that's not really true. When they have the right supports in place, it becomes much easier for the individual to function, AD/HD or not.

So check out the article, and do some brainstorming - what helpful supports do you already have in place? Can you think of ways to build on the supports you already have, or try putting something similar in place in another area of your life?

For me, the biggest and most important thing is a datebook or calendar, which I refer to often. This is where I make my lists and keep track of all kinds of things. Without a calendar (and I have been without it at times) I drift without getting much done. Simply using a calendar brings AWARENESS. And awareness is my friend.


Blogger Mia Andrade said...

I just loved this post, and would like to share it in my blog, is it possible? I started a blog translating to Portuguese information I find on the internet that helps me with my Inatttentive ADD, because there isn't much material in Portuguese yet. Is that ok?

7:34 AM, September 05, 2012  
Blogger Jennifer said...

You have my permission.

5:06 PM, September 06, 2012  

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