Thursday, October 20, 2016

I live in Oregon. Summer is over. I'm trying not to fall back into the hole of depression that I have often found myself in, but it's a real challenge. One thing that I started doing is keeping a bullet journal. I admit, I know little about it. I'll learn as I go, I suppose. It's already helping me stay on top of things.

Another thing I've been making an effort to do - connect with nature. Instead of hibernating, my daughter and I have made friends with the trees in the local park. This has been very helpful. I don't know how unusual this is, but we feel that we can connect with trees on some level and their energy seems to benefit us. Now, we aren't actually hugging the trees, but we lean on them or stand nearby with a hand on a tree. It's been a fascinating experience!

One thing I've done is name the trees. It seems the first thing I do when I meet a tree is come up with a name for them. The names do not change later. Once I was mistaken about which tree I was visiting, and the name "Fred" popped into my head. "Fred?" I thought. But that isn't the right name! However, I had chosen the wrong tree! So... It seems ridiculous. I can't even pretend to understand this, but it's interesting.

I'm also keeping my eyes peeled every day for things that need to be done, and for the beauty of the fall season. I'm trying to stay focused and to keep busy. I hope that it works, But it can't hurt, that's for sure.


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