Wednesday, July 02, 2003

I am behind on the weeding. Actually, that does not begin to describe the weed situation here. The north side of my yard is filled with Amazonian weeds. I did go out and clear a path for my dog. It was getting kind of cramped in her part of the yard. She's not the kind of dog who will push her way through weeds, so they just keep growing in around her until she's trapped.

The other day I remembered that there's a hydrangea in those weeds, somewhere. Maybe next year I'll try to find it.

I think the problem with this year is that we didn't really have Winter. You can check and they'll probably tell you that we did have Winter, but I don't really believe it. We had a nice mix of sunny and rainy days. The temperature fluctuated from warm to cold. In "Winters" past, I would have been trapped indoors from about November to May. It would have rained, or at least have been bitterly cold, the whole time. This is Oregon. Then, all of a sudden, it would have been Spring. I would have burst out of my house and start weeding like a maniac.

This year wasn't like that.


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