Saturday, July 26, 2003

Things are finally going my way. For one thing, I finally found my lost package of string cheese. It was in my purse. I didn't really want it anymore but it was driving me nuts not knowing where it was. I mean, if I don't know where it is, then it could be anywhere. And if it could be anywhere, someone could find it later. Maybe it would be someone with whom I'd like to have further contact. And it probably wouldn't leave the best impression.

Now I don't have that old lost package of string cheese hanging over me.

I have also emptied the trunk of my car. It gets filled with plastic sacks full of Pepsi cans and plastic grocery sacks full of still more plastic grocery sacks (from the grocery store), which I intend to recycle. Over time, I keep putting more sacks in the trunk.

I fully intend to drop the sacks off for recycling and return the cans for the deposit (5 cents each), but often it doesn't happen for a very long time. Then I put more recycling in the trunk because I need the room in my house. This time, I almost had to start filling the back seat. Soon there would have been nowhere to sit in my car.

When it gets this bad, sometimes I'll only turn in part of what I've got in an effort to appear normal. Although it's impractical, when I only turn in some of it, I get to blend in.

You're supposed to feel good about yourself when you recycle. But when you fill the entire bin with plastic sacks, or make people wait an hour to use the can machine, people don't have that same feeling of goodwill that they normally have when they see someone recycling.

But this time I didn't have the luxury of making multiple trips to get rid of my trunkful of cans and sacks. I had to do it all at once. Luckily, it was kind of late by the time I got to it. There weren't many people around. Still, I cringed as I walked with my load. Of course, the "Recycle Sacks Here" container was full. I had to put my sacks of sacks NEXT to the drop-off.

But now that it's over, I feel free. My car is getting better gas mileage. And I get to start the whole process again. :-)


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