Thursday, December 04, 2003

Well, well, a spare minute or two! It's a good time for me to fill in my loyal reader (hi Barbie) on my recent garage sale.

The garage sale was something I did not want to do but, again, I needed money.

In years past I have given away all of my unwanted things. This is because the last garage sale I had went very, very badly. I made about $15.00. My sisters made a LOT more because they never give their valuable possessions away. By the end of that garage sale, years ago, my husband was upset that there had been strangers in his garage and walking on the grass (the lawn didn't look good again until the fall). I was disappointed over having wasted the entire day. I vowed never to have another garage sale.

But then a funny thing happened. I stopped by my sister's house when she was having a garage sale. I looked around and saw... oh yes! I used to own that! And that! And that as well! So I decided not to give away so much stuff.

In fact, when I had the garage sale, there was so much left over that I decided to have another one a couple of weeks later. I didn't make much money on the second garage sale. My friend Holly came out the clear winner on that one.

This is Holly's "take" on garage sale items: They are kind of like boogers. That is to say, when all of these items are pushed into the back corners of your house, in cupboards, etc - you don't necessarily mind or notice that they are there. But once you get them out, they are not going back in.

Since hearing this enlightening observation, I've been able to categorize my belongings a lot easier. Is it a booger or not? When I'm shopping for potential possessions I ask myself, "Will this item just transform itself into a booger once I take it home"?

Deepak Chopra, eat your heart out. Holly's better!



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