Sunday, October 26, 2003

I just had company so my kitchen is really clean. I decluttered. It's so empty-looking now. Every time I walk in there, I can't help but think (just for a split-second), "I've been robbed!"

On Tuesday we are having the house appraised. I've never had a house appraised before. I remember other people freaking out about having their houses appraised though. I wonder if I should be freaking out? Should I at least paint something?

Maybe it's good enough that I decluttered the kitchen. Until I need to use the oven, it should look really nice in there. When I have to use the oven again, that's when the cast iron skillet of dread will have to come out of there. This a skillet I bought last winter - yup.

The problem with cast iron is that you have to season it before you can use it. I have a fundamental problem with that, because it is hard. I followed the directions and coated it with oil, then baked it in the oven. Then I thought I should wash it. This is where it gets difficult. I wash dishes by putting them in the dishwasher! So - in it went. I knew it wasn't wise, but I just wanted to see if I could get away with it.

So ever since then, I've had a rusty cast iron skillet on my kitchen counter. Well, that's not entirely true. When I know someone's coming over, I put it in the oven.


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