Wednesday, August 25, 2004

National ADD Awareness Day

Mark your calendars, it's coming up... on Sept 7. The date seemed familiar to me, then I remembered that it's the first day of school. National ADD Awareness Day (funny name for the day that recognizes the least aware group of people around, unless you count those who cannot function in society).

Now, on the surface it seems great to have a day for ADD Awareness, but I must say that it smells like a witch hunt to me. I mean, the first day of school, and we're having ADD Awareness Day? What do you think the teachers are going to do? Sniff out the hyper kids, that's what. Which is fine, but do we have to do it on the first day of school? I say there's enough pressure on the first day of school.

Once again, they didn't consult me. :-)


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