Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Girl Names

Oh yeah, I forgot to post about the ultrasound.... It's a girl! So I guess the intuition of my entire family was right. I'm more excited about this now that I've seen the baby - a real baby! That's much more exciting than what I was thinking about before the ultrasound, namely, that I'm getting fat, my joints ache, and I don't know how we can take this financial hit. Seeing the baby was a really good thing for me.

Last time I saw her on ultrasound, she was a head and a stomach with little nubs for arms and legs. I think there were fingers. But not much to see.

Now we get down to the business of choosing a name. We have four months to go. This is not an easy thing, you see, because my husband and I normally agree on NOTHING. He has been uncooperative and opinionated about projects with me since we were planning our wedding 11 years ago. And yeah, I know that it takes one to know one :-).

My mom tells the story of the coat that she was going to buy for me when I was two years old, but I hated it SO MUCH that she let me choose something else. I chose a plain, ordinary-looking coat. No frills, just a normal coat. Definitely not a princess coat.

This is like the problem I am having with my husband. He wants our daughter to have a "cute" name. I want her to have a name that's feminine, but will give her more career options than "Princess" when she grows up.

I'm probably overidentifying with this issue because I grew up as "Jenny," which I dislike because it sounds like a little girl's name. That's the problem with "cute" names - little girls grow up.

Because of our lack of agreement on a name, I am afraid we will go home with a baby known as "baby girl (Last Name)". My sister did that last year, which was fine, of course. Because she did name her baby after a few days. But this is far more worrisome to me because it took us four months to name our dog. It's a dog.

At least we have four months to go before the baby is born.


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