Sunday, May 04, 2003

OK, there is a DVD called "The 17 Most Popular Ways To Fall Out of the Sky." Here are some of the reviews:

"It is unlikely pilots will view these tapes without recognizing themselves in one of the 17 vignettes about poor decision making. Highly realistic scenarios show pilots reacting to stress, peer pressure, and even medical conditions that could affect any pilot and lead to disaster."
-Alton K. Marsh, AOPA Pilot

"One of the best to come along in a while... And, more than once, the pilots I watched the video with were quiet when they pointed out items of which we all were not aware... it trains you to spot emergency situations before they become critical."
-Flight Training Magazine

As the DVD info goes on to say: The accidents have a common theme: human error..... The seventeen most common accidents are presented as follows:
Four preflight and takeoff accidents
Four cruise and enroute accidents
Four approach and landing accidents
Five physiological accidents, such as vertigo,hypoxia, fatigue, over-cofidence, and hangovers

Maybe it's just me, but I thought that there was a pilot school or some place where one could learn how to fly so as not to fall out of the sky. Such a school could have a class called "Aircraft Safety," in which they would cover such topics as: Taking Off Safely, Flying Safely, and Landing Safely. Perhaps they could discourage those suffering from vertigo, over-confidence, frequent hangovers, etc, from applying for a license. In addition, maybe they could write a song as a "Preflight Checklist" memory aid. These are just some ideas.

So it looks as though I now have something new to worry about; something I've never worried about before. Someone could fall out of the sky and land on me. There are 17 different ways this could happen, AND apparently it is POPULAR. That's all for today.