Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Janitor

I have been subsituting for my sister as a janitor in a bank this week. Because I am insane. The reason it pays so much is because it is something nobody wants to do. Including me. She's on vacation for two weeks and I thought it was a small favor to clean the place - it only takes her two hours a night. It takes me longer. Sometimes twice as long.

Anyway, enough whining. When she comes back from her vacation, I will gladly hand the keys back and think of it no more.

What is funny about this office is that to a janitor, people have identities based on what the janitor can gather about them when they are not in their cubicle. So we have "blue lint lady" - "the cracker guy", etc. If you work in a cubicle, perhaps you should give this some thought. What is your "janitor nickname"?

I have been trying to decide what mine would be. Based on what my desk looks like right now, it might be something like "The lady whose desk we never have to clean because we can't see it." I'm sure there's a way to shorten that, and that would be my nickname. I'm so glad that we don't permanently rename people like American Indians did.