Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Girl Names

Oh yeah, I forgot to post about the ultrasound.... It's a girl! So I guess the intuition of my entire family was right. I'm more excited about this now that I've seen the baby - a real baby! That's much more exciting than what I was thinking about before the ultrasound, namely, that I'm getting fat, my joints ache, and I don't know how we can take this financial hit. Seeing the baby was a really good thing for me.

Last time I saw her on ultrasound, she was a head and a stomach with little nubs for arms and legs. I think there were fingers. But not much to see.

Now we get down to the business of choosing a name. We have four months to go. This is not an easy thing, you see, because my husband and I normally agree on NOTHING. He has been uncooperative and opinionated about projects with me since we were planning our wedding 11 years ago. And yeah, I know that it takes one to know one :-).

My mom tells the story of the coat that she was going to buy for me when I was two years old, but I hated it SO MUCH that she let me choose something else. I chose a plain, ordinary-looking coat. No frills, just a normal coat. Definitely not a princess coat.

This is like the problem I am having with my husband. He wants our daughter to have a "cute" name. I want her to have a name that's feminine, but will give her more career options than "Princess" when she grows up.

I'm probably overidentifying with this issue because I grew up as "Jenny," which I dislike because it sounds like a little girl's name. That's the problem with "cute" names - little girls grow up.

Because of our lack of agreement on a name, I am afraid we will go home with a baby known as "baby girl (Last Name)". My sister did that last year, which was fine, of course. Because she did name her baby after a few days. But this is far more worrisome to me because it took us four months to name our dog. It's a dog.

At least we have four months to go before the baby is born.

National ADD Awareness Day

Mark your calendars, it's coming up... on Sept 7. The date seemed familiar to me, then I remembered that it's the first day of school. National ADD Awareness Day (funny name for the day that recognizes the least aware group of people around, unless you count those who cannot function in society).

Now, on the surface it seems great to have a day for ADD Awareness, but I must say that it smells like a witch hunt to me. I mean, the first day of school, and we're having ADD Awareness Day? What do you think the teachers are going to do? Sniff out the hyper kids, that's what. Which is fine, but do we have to do it on the first day of school? I say there's enough pressure on the first day of school.

Once again, they didn't consult me. :-)