Monday, February 06, 2006

Disorganization and Fires

Well, the organizing trade went pretty well. Ginger's office is in much better shape, thanks to me, and my computer is a little more organized, thanks to her. I still use the "search" feature to find a lot of stuff, because I still don't know what she did - and she's far from done, hehe. Neither am I done with her office....but the "big day" is over with - the first day, where you find yourself assessing the degree of the problem and trying to make some visible improvement.

I am recovering from the flu. I think it's got me more than a little off-center because I have set two fires in my kitchen (accidents) in the last two days, and tried to set another one by "steaming" broccolli with no water. I think I should stay out of the kitchen for a good long while. Pizza, anyone? Rotisserie chicken from the grocery store? Ah, the house smells like burned broccolli.

If you haven't got your flu shot this year, get it - I should have but it's too late for me. The flu is really bad this year. I've heard this from lots of people. Even if there is mercury (thimerisol) in the shots, I should have got it anyway. I used to get a shot several times a year that I later found out had thimerisol in it and I didn't die from that, so I suppose I could get a shot with mercury in it once more for old times sake. Maybe next year.

The baby seems to have avoided the flu somehow. She is starting to walk and her favorite hobby is making little bits of cheese disappear by rubbing them on the carpet. It's true that if you work hard and are patient, little bits of cheese just disintegrate into nothing and you can hardly tell that cheese ever stood on that spot.