Sunday, June 20, 2004

George Michael

So I've been watching George Michael on his various television appearances lately, and I noticed some irregularities with his performance on the Today Show. Since I have reliable information that he's a perfectionist control freak, I am surprized that this happened. I have to tell what I noticed, because who doesn't like to see a perfectionist control freak mess up? Be honest with yourself. But since you missed the performance, I must describe it to you.

George always sings the same songs when he appears live: Father Figure, Freedom '90, and Faith (if he has to sing a third song). These are all songs that start with F. Interesting, I never noticed it before.

Anyway, since he has a new album out, he apparently feels compelled to sing a song from it, instead of Freedom '90. However, he doesn't sing it. He lip syncs to the new song, Amazing, after singing Father Figure. This is where it gets fun to watch. Because really, it is fun to watch someone lip sync, isn't it? It's even more fun if you know the song better than they do. That doesn't make me obsessed, only very observant, ahem.

So he's pretending to sing. The backup singers are live, which is a nice touch. And it dawns on me, this song fades out at the end! Vocals and all! The last line is "And the devil inside tells you to give up....." fading out quite noticably at the end. I wait to see what he's going to do. The song gets to that last line, and it sounds like this: "And the devil inside (and what a brilliant idea: his microphone is switched on.....NOW!) TELLS YOU TO GIVE UP." The effect was about as subtle as when someone suddenly turns the stereo off when you are singing along. Oh jeez. I should have felt bad for him, but instead, I laughed and laughed. And then I posted a blog entry about it. I guess I still have some growing up to do.