Thursday, March 02, 2006

You know when you haven't seen a new blog entry here for awhile that I've either fallen off the face of the earth (well, it happens sometimes) or that I've gotten really busy! I don't remember which one it was!

I just saw a book that looks interesting: Never Be Late Again

I am one of those people who shows up about 2 minutes late. I just pretend that I don't know I'm late, that's my solution and it works OK most of the time. (I am a champion of full-out mediocrity in almost every setting!) BUT of course there is the accompanying stress. The way my massage therapist says, "Is it really hot outside or something?" because I'm kind of hot from running down the block to his office. I could do without that sort of remark. Maybe I'll buy this book!

Now I'm going to say something really un-coachlike (like I ever say anything coach-like on the Internet). I've been taking this product called Emergen-C and it's really, really, really helped my anxiety disorder. I am currently not taking my prescriptions because of the baby, and I've missed Zoloft! But now I think that I may not even need it! I think it's because of all the B Vitamins in Emergen-C. I have taken B Vitamins before, but these are working better for me, obviously.

Now, having said that, I have to do a disclaimer because my new liability insurance policy has not started yet. Just because I have had good results, that does not mean that you should run out and buy Emergen-C and go off your antidepressant. Always check with your doctor before you start taking a new supplement and never go off prescription drugs without consulting your doctor first. (See, MGH, I was paying attention in class!)