Saturday, February 14, 2004

So a couple of days ago I watched this program on TV (Yes, I watched TV for once.... It's the only way I get to spend time with my husband). Anyway.... It was a news-type program about a diamond heist. Some people stole gobs and gobs of diamonds from the Diamond District in.... Antwerp? They had to have spent years planning it.

The news program went on to give step-by-step instructions on how to crack the safe and bypass all of the alarm systems, even the failsafe alarm in the vault. Good info for those looking to get into a new profession.

The police would have no suspects at all, except for the fact that this crazy guy who owned a patch of forest had the habit of checking the entire property for trash daily. What a hobby!

The criminals left bags of trash - evidence - on his property. Of all the luck! He proceeded to rummage through the bags, recognized the diamond packaging, and called the police. This led to the arrest of one person.

So my first thought as I watched this was, Why does every elite criminal want to steal diamonds? It's so cliche! We never see hour-long programs about stolen rubies. Maybe nobody thinks to steal them. Nobody really cares about rubies. If there was a big ruby heist, I doubt the authorities would bother to look for the criminals with the same intensity as they look for diamond thieves. It surely wouldn't make international news.

That being said, here's another thought: These thieves probably came home from work and spent every evening for years and years working on their brilliant plan. Think of all the hours and effort involved! Why didn't they just work double shifts and invest the extra money? Then they wouldn't have all of those hot diamonds to unload!!!

I guess all of this means I'm not a criminal mastermind. Which is fine with me, because it's a lot easier to sit back and criticize someone else's work.

Friday, February 13, 2004

Ugh, I have been sick for almost a week. If you were here, you could delight in hearing my husband coughing, punctuated by my nose-blowing. We make a good team sometimes.

Ginger and I have been working on and of course, we have no recent pictures of ourselves, other than the goofy ones on the Blogs page at StayWithMeHere. So I chose, in place of actual pictures, to display drawings of women who resemble us in a "hastily drawn police sketch" sort of way. Now if we go on a crime spree, the police sketch part will be ready to go.